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Random piece of my digital art :)

I am sure you have found yourself at least once adapting the way you behave, act or even dress in order to please others or to avoid rejection (and most probably you have sort of regretted it later). This behaviour seems to me as an innate mechanism we make use of when we crave to be loved or accepted. Or in other words, it is the jacket we put on when we are not ready to accept rejection.

I remember once a long time ago I painted my nails bright yellow. My boyfriend at the time got horrified when he…

Pic by Milad

After trying hard pursuing a career in the tech startup industry, I realised that what I loved the most about it was being surrounded by creative and resourceful people that would do everything in the world to turn what they love into a reality — no matter what. And why I was not doing that myself?

Starting a career as an artist who has not received proper art education is hard, let’s be honest. I had to hear many times “are you crazy?” or “we are in the middle of a pandemic, and you want to become an artist?” Hell…

During the past weeks, we have all observed multitude of startups adapting quickly to surf the wave of uncertainty. The core business models of many companies have been brutally impacted, forcing entrepreneurs to search fast for opportunities somewhere else, not only driven by a survival instinct but also by solidarity.

I am part of one of the most connected and most inclusive communities of entrepreneurs globally, WeWork Labs. Some of my colleagues have told me about startups that are helping during social distancing in their cities.

Let me tell you more about them:

It’s been four months since I moved into a coliving space, the first of this kind in Hamburg. In a coliving, you live surrounded by a community of like-minded people: freelancers and entrepreneurs, creatives and rebels. The experience of living together with other nine creative minds has changed my life.

Let me share with you some of my learnings:

1. Coliving is not coworking.

At coworking spaces, most of the times just a few people really know each other. Community managers organize networking events like breakfasts or boozy happy hours to bring people into a conversation, that’s the big challenge. At the coliving, you benefit…

Stoyan Yankov is an award-winning movie and video producer, turned into a productivity and performance coach. Today Stoyan is helping companies (and startup founders) to stay focused on what matters most.

“You are sexy and you know it”

This is how Stoyan broke the ice in the room. He encouraged us to high five with at least three different people and tell them “You are sexy and you know it”. That way we kicked off Friday morning fully energized and with a very positive mindset.

Ask yourself: What do I waste most of my time in?

We all know…

A pesar de que mi visita se limitó a las ciudades más conocidas (Bogotá, Medellín, Cartagena) y la isla de San Andrés creo haber visto lo suficiente como para llevarme una maravillosa impresión de este país latinoamericano.

Febrero 2018

Para mi el mes de Febrero significa normalmente sopitas calientes, oscuridad a las 4 de la tarde y temperaturas bajo cero. Esta vez Febrero ha sido un mes de helados, pantalones cortos, chanclas y crema de sol.

¿Pero qué es exactamente lo que he aprendido en Colombia?

  1. Los colombianos son gente muy servicial y amable. …

After over two years at NMA I’ve seen already quite a lot. Let me guide you through my learnings and if you need to reach out some time to any investors or accelerator programs please do not make these mistakes.

1. Do your homework before reaching out. — Know your target.

Can you believe I keep on receiving emails from companies in India or Ghana with some kind of med tech or clean tech product asking for investment? Not only they waste my time but also their time. We only invest in European, Israeli and US startups with media tech product so, which is the point here? …

I’m a very impulsive and passionate person. Never satisfied. However what I’m about to share with you made my 2017 a very enjoyable year. What worked for me might work for you too.

Find inspiration. I find inspiration in the little things in life. It could be a new recipe that you try, it could be a book or article that you read or it could also be a conversation that you hear in the bus. Be ready at any time to absorb those inputs. You can either reflect on them or take action.

Express yourself. Many times we feel…

2017 was the Chinese New Year of the Rooster. For me 2017 has been the “Year of the Hackathon”.

This list below comprises all the hackathons I have co-organized this year with next media accelerator at different media houses in Germany:

My learnings

I have seen good and bad product presentations…

I was part of the jury at this year’s Tech Crunch Disrupt Hackathon in Berlin where we had to choose a winner among 45 teams, pitching their products for just one minute. That means 60 seconds of no waisting time.

Jury members and the organizers @ TC Disrupt Hackathon Berlin

Most frequent mistakes

1- Not showing the product. If you have built something overnight please show it to me. It makes no sense for me if you explain me the problem for the whole minute if I don’t get to see what you have built for that.

2 - Not enough practising. If you are not good at public speaking and do…

Sabela Garcia Cuesta

Artist & CBD Entrepreneur

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